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The company was funded in 1958, as a transport company, with departmens of processing into splintering and fixing the mineral oil's equipment, having a pipe control plant activity. The transport activity has begin in 1995 with the fondation of Drilling Offive Nr. 3 Bascov.Measured by the drilling's extention and the rock oil's extraction from Muntenia-West area, as part of the company are funded new sections and departments of transport and labour conscriptions with construction tools.

From 1991,in the base H.G. 1361/1990, the society is organised as Publicly Held Corporation, at present practising its atributions provided by the Low no.31/1990 republished regarding Commercial Societies.
About the company:
Romanian Private Capital
No. ORC ARGES, J03/158/1991
CIF RO 167662

It has no subsidiaries, no branches,no agencies, no other working places.The whole activity is carring on its social residence.The grounds and the buildings situated on these grounds (departments, stores, storehouses, administration buildings) are the society's property.

The society's administration is made by unit system. The management is done by the General Director who is the Administration Council's President.

At present the society has the following certificates:

a) a certificate refering to the management system of quality SR EN ISO 9001/2001

b) a certificate refering to the management system of health and occupational serutity OH SAS 18001/2004

c) a certificate refering to the management system of overage SR EN ISO 14001/2005;

d) a Member of International Association Drilling Contractors 2007 certificate.

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